International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) Curriculum

IBDP Information session for Year 4 Parents/Guardians

Dear Parents/Guardians of Year 4 students,

Your child/ward and you would have been discussing about their studies after IGCSE/Foundation IB/Bridging IB programme. The school has been preparing the cohort to think and plan for what’s next after Year 4; in Term 1 they attended a presentation on Introduction to IB Diploma Programme, and in Term 2 a Higher Education talk. An IB information session focusing on IB subject options is taking place on 22 July, Friday, after school for Year 4 students.

The school is holding an online meeting with Year 4 parents and guardians to introduce the IB Diploma Programme on 17 August at 4:00pm.

The zoom link is in the email sent to you.

Details of the IB subjects can be found on the school Firefly and website: Click this Link

If possible, please post your questions in the google form – Click this LINK

This IBDP subject information has been collated to help families make the best possible subject choices for Years 5 and 6. Choices made now will affect subsequent university courses as well as, ultimately, future jobs and career pathways.

Students will need to consider each option carefully in discussion with teachers and parents before making a final selection. Once chosen, students are expected to commit themselves to the courses and to see them through to examination in 2023. Subject changes are only permitted up to three weeks after the courses begin in January.

In making their choices, students must consider their strengths and weaknesses, their interests and possible future plans. Choosing a particular subject because someone else in the family or circle of friends thinks it is a good idea is unwise. Students should spend time reading the course requirements and outlines in this booklet carefully, discussing their options with teachers and also their parents.

Please note the following points:

  • Students must choose six subjects - one subject from each of the six different Groups 1 – 6.
  • In addition, all students take Theory of Knowledge (in English or Chinese), the 4000 word Extended Essay and complete the Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) requirements.
  • Three subjects are studied at Higher Level (HL) and three at Standard Level (SL). Students must have gained an A or or better in IGCSE, or B or better in the school's Preliminary or Final Examination in that subject in order to take it at Higher Level.
  • Students looking to study medicine or engineering must study two sciences – usually at Higher Level. Please note that a course combination which includes Higher Level Mathematics and two higher Level Science subjects is a very difficult combination academically involving a high level of stress.
  • Students may not opt for both Economics and Business Management.
  • The final decision concerning the option choices is subject to approval by the relevant Heads of Faculty and the Senior Division Vice-Principal based on past academic performance and the potential of the individual student.
  • In subjects with restricted numbers (due to popularity and/or limited qualified teachers), priority is given to students who gain Direct Admission as a result of their Prelim Examination scores.
  • The school offers a wide range of subjects as outlined in this booklet. However, should there be insufficient numbers to justify running particular subject the school reserves the right to withdraw the subject offering. In these cases, students will be notified as early as possible to allow them to pick a different subject.

Finally, students are reminded to spend time talking to teachers, researching possible career pathways for recommended subject choices, attending the IBDP Information Session, and making considered choices in conjunction with their parents before submitting their application by the due date.

The IBDP is a very highly rated pre-university qualification which is recognised around the world - the ‘gold standard’ in international education. However, it is also a very rigorous and stressful programme, and not for everyone. No wonder IB graduates describe themselves as ‘IB Survivors’! We recommend that you reflect strongly and choose carefully!

You may pick your options using this ONLINE form [log in required]